Saturday, November 25, 2006

In the Garden

The blackbirds in our garden seem to have worked out that it is a good idea to investigate when one of the big creatures (me) is weeding the garden. Today I glanced up and saw Mr Blackbird not more than a couple of feet from me, busily digging in the soil with his foot. He had a beak stuffed full of grubs, sticking out along the sides like a fringe. I couldn't see how he could possibly hold more, but in fact he did manage to get a few more in before flying off, presumably to feed his chicks. A little later, he returned with an empty beak to start all over again. It amazes me how he can hold so many grubs and not drop any when he grabs the next one. Then Mrs Blackbird came along and joined in. The two of them have been at it all day, and didn't seem to mind even when I went noisily up and down the lawn with a mower.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A good link between us and nature!

Michele sent me this way.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh how I wish you had gotten pictures of these dear birds!
Would love to see those full beaks...! (lol)

Here from Michele today...!

srp said...

Here from Michele.
At least they were trying to help by getting the grubs out of your way!

Anonymous said...

That is so neat. I agree, if you could have gotten pictures of it, that would have been wonderful.

Here via Michele's but I'm glad I came. Have a wonderful evening!

rashbre said...

I like watching the Blackbirds in the garden her. At nesting time you can see a sort of hole in abush where they create a flightpath.

They are also clever at jumping sometimes to simulate the noise of rain hitting soil, which attracts some bugs to the surface.

Here via Michele's.


kenju said...

I would be very glad they were taking all the grubs. Too bad you didn't get a pic of them.

Michele sent me.

Catherine said...

Those that asked about pictures - my husband took some great pictures, as he has more zoom on his camera than I do, but I can't post them here since they are not mine to do what I like with.
I really need a new camera..

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful image - grubs and all.

Here from Michele's tonight.

Deb R said...

You really DO need a new camera! :-)

carmilevy said...

We often mockingly refer to them as bird brains, but it seems to me that these avians have it all figured out.

Animals never cease to amaze me. Nor do observant souls like you who take the time to relate wondrous scenes like these. Thanks!