Monday, April 10, 2006

It's All In the Details

My favourite sort of photo is somewhat abstract - the curve of a flower, the pattern of a leaf where the identity of the whole is somewhat hidden in the detail. My husband takes great photos right down to one tiny stamen in the middle of a flower. My camera unfortunately is a bit more basic than his. I did have a flasher camera on my wish list, but I pushed it down the list a bit in favour of buying a new Bernina sewing machine (which is another whole post in itself). I loved this little curly leaf, but I didn't have enough zoom or the facility to get in close enough to do better than this (which has been considerably cropped).

Then there are the sorts of photos that are about texture - a rusty iron fence, ripples on water. I found a site with great photos by Bill Bachmann which are just the sort of thing I'm talking about.

This one of mine is an old copper toilet cistern that I photographed before sending to the scrap metal dealer. I can just see this sort of texture on a quilt, though I'm not sure how to recreate it in fabric.


Lizl Bennefeld said...

I like that picture of the leaf (rhubarb?). It's fascinating, coming across those unexpected natural sculptures. :-)

Catherine said...

Actually it is from a dahlia that I had just deadheaded. I would have preferred to photograph it on the plant but I didn't notice it in time.
I looked and looked and couldn't find another one like it. I think it has leafcurl or something