Monday, June 23, 2014

A Poetry Roundup

I loved this quote from Michelle Leggott's note to her latest poetry collection Heartland:

A family is a series of intersecting arcs, some boat-shaped, others vaults or canopies, still others vapour trails behind a mountain or light refracted through water.

I also came across a poet new to me on the Poetry Daily website. Chloe Honum is a young American poet, brought up in Auckland, New Zealand.Her poem, The Tulip Flame, from the book of the same name is simply incandescent.

On the Best American Poetry blog, Gregory O'Brien is presenting a new weekly series showcasing New Zealand poets. The first of the series, Bill Manhire's poem Hotel Emergencies, is here.

And finally, Tuesday Poem always has a wonderful selection of poetry to read every Tuesday.

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