Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two Cool Websites

No Tuesday Poem this week, as I have been a bit slow in organising permissions. Instead, I have a couple of links for inspiration.

The Phrontistery is a website that I came across while doing a google search for "cotton with a bubbly texture" - I was trying to recall the name of a fabric often used for children's clothes, it was seersucker. The site has, among many other things, thirty different topic specific word lists including one with the names of more fabrics than I had ever imagined existed. If you want some new words, go here.

If you prefer visual inspiration to word based inspiration, try Colossal. Amazing images of artistic projects be they sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography or just too hard to categorise, from around the globe. They have several new posts every day so there is always something new to inspire.

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