Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Word for the Year

It's an internet thing ... or so it seems ... choosing a word for the year. I was a bit dubious about it, but in 2011 I decided to give it a go, and chose "open".

This wasn't quite what I had in mind..

So I abandoned the whole idea, and was wondering whether to try again this year, and thinking maybe not, when the word "move" popped into my head. After moving house, and being aware that more exercise would be a good thing, and wanting to move on in various ways, it seemed appropriate. Only not the earth, OK? We would like to be done with the earth moving around here.

Images from my walk of a few days back. I headed for a park which is based on a disused quarry, and walked along the track that goes up to the top and around the quarry area, with fantastic views from the top.

(For those of you in the US, I hope the blue sky will make you feel a bit warmer).


rashbre said...

I've not heard about the word of the year thing before.

Seeing your top picture I was certainly 'moved' to see it was able to be 'open'.

All the best for positive start in your new place.

Di said...

I enjoyed a glimpse of your world and the word quest. Really love that last shot.