Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Poem: Temptation


The rind falls on the bench top
in the shape of her initial.
He slices the fruit in thin segments
with hands stippled and pleated by age.

He arranges its slices on a porcelain plate.
Carries it in shaking hands
to where she sits deep in a chair,
shrunken in its arms, propped on pillows.

Once he courted her with apples.
This pear softer and kinder
to aged gums. He feeds her
slice by slice. She sucks the sweetness.

A trickle of juice runs down her chin.
Winter will come soon enough.
He is feeding her the sun.


The Canterbury Poets Collective finished their spring series last week with an evening featuring the winners (by audience vote) of the open mic portion of the previous seven weeks' events. I was fortunate enough to be included. This is one of the poems I read. I always thought that if I had been Eve in the garden of Eden, I would have found pears much more tempting than apples, which are altogether too neat and well-behaved a fruit to be very seductive.

I entered this poem in the inaugural Poems in the Waiting Room competition and was pleased to be awarded third place. The next competition is now open. It's a worthy cause and worth support with your entry fees.

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Orchid said...

The first stanza is wonderfully compelling. Thanks for the share.

Kathleen Jones said...

It's lovely - thanks Catherine.

Matt D said...

**He slices the fruit in thin segments
with hands stippled and pleated by age.**

Such wonderful word choice – the image so complete.

I really love this poem, so simple in its vision, yet so epic in its implications.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and deeply moving