Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Snow Day

We don't usually get snow this early in winter but it fell heavily all day today. Unlike many people I did manage to get to work as it is not too far from my home. All the buses stopped at 11 a.m. Most schools and many businesses were closed. The garden in the photo is next door to the place where I work, and I took the bird photographs through the window at lunchtime. The large flower panicles belong to a cabbage palm (ti kouka in Maori) and the little waxeyes were all over them. I'm guessing that they need to eat a lot on cold days to keep up their body heat.

I did get to come home a little early so as not to be on the icy roads when it was getting dark. And our usual Wednesday bridge night was cancelled so I have tackled some long overdue housework - nothing like being active for keeping warm. Back to work in the morning, if the snow stops overnight as forecast.


Helen McKinlay said...

What lovely photos. Little birds keeping warm the only way they know.
Hope you stay warm.

lillyanne said...

I don't suppose there's any natural law that says you can't have heavy snow falls at the same time as earthquakes, is there?

Michelle Elvy said...

I love these birds. Lovely.

Kay Cooke said...

Felt so sorry for Chch people coping with snow and repairs from quake still not finished. But I guess one positive is the beauty. That waxeye photo is beautiful - well done as they are such quick little things.