Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Tent Poetry: A Wordle Prompt

I was sad that Readwritepoem wound up at the end of April. But there are always bloggers to carry on the good work. Among the ventures set up to carry on where Readwritepoem left off is Big Tent Poetry.

I didn't jump right on to the horse to ride bareback round the ring - after writing a poem a day in April, I needed a break. But I love Wordles, and the words given for their third weekly prompt were calling to me, so, a day late, here is my rough draft.

Weaving the Nets

The women sit on the shore knotting their nets.
Each rope is a journey, a cord spun
by their fathers' forefathers,
their mothers' foremothers
as they travelled the world.
The nets are the pattern
that ties us all together
since we were first sapient,
since we came out of Africa.
The men are of water. They came
in their galleys and longboats.
The women are of the earth. Do not think
they were weak, when they were bedded
in a pile of straw, or a forest clearing,
a richly caparisoned horse tethered nearby.
When they fell for the merchant with his rich purse,
the young man with the smooth tongue
who doffed his cap in passing, they were not conquered.
They bend, but they do not crumple
nor capitulate. Their hands are as old and knotted
as the nets they make, while they sing
the fierce song of the generations.
They fondle the ropes, tie another knot.
It is futile to resist the making of the net.
Your dark-skinned sister no glitch in the DNA,
but the proof of an ancient tincture in the blood,
a connection over the waters
and over the centuries.


I think I fitted in all the words, though some may well come out again in the editing.
fondle, purse, crumple, proof, sapient, tincture, pattern, doff, futile, capitulate, glitch, caparison

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Unknown said...

You have woven your own net here, Catherine, and it certainly caught me! Such a rich pattern and I think every word deserves to keep its place.

Gemma Wiseman said...

A wonderfully rich flow of ideas webbing past and present and creating new threads for the future! Beautiful!

Deb said...

Oh what a gorgeous poem, Catherine. It's lovingly knotted with a respectful tone & bright narrative.

(We're trying to get folks at the Big Tent to take Friday - Sunday to post & read -- to savor and enjoy. So you are not late at all.)

Linda Goin said...

I am totally in love with this poem. I would wear it as a caparison, a brave remark to the tincture shared. Thank you for your beautiful words and story, Catherine.

1965 Footprints said...

Your poem beautifully describes the strength of people, their nets, their courage. Well done!

Anonymous said...

"it is futile to resist the making of the nets" -- what a great way of saying we are who come from, certain things are part of us, etc. etc.

thanks for letting us help fill the post-RWP void. :)

Tumblewords: said...

Well-woven. Particularly fond of 'the fierce song of the generations'. Wonderful!

one more believer said...

nice to see you back.... there is a storyteller quality to this... as if we are all sitting by a fire everything quieted down and now a turn at listening

Marja said...

Kia ora. A net tied to the past Beautifully written

linda may said...

G'Day I am revisiting bookmarks from my old computer today. What a lovely poem.Good to see you writing is still in action.

Kay Cooke said...

Genius! I love how you took those words and used them for a subject that seems to have nothing to do with the words - magic! Surprising and clever.