Monday, June 08, 2009

A Weekend Walk

A few years back I saw an item in our local newspaper about a retired man who decided to walk every street in the city. As I recall, it took him about three years of daily walks. Lately I've been thinking it would be an interesting photographic project to not only walk along all the streets but also document them - however since I have not retired, it would probably take me about twenty years. And there must be some areas where there are streets full of houses with little variety.

Still, at the weekend I needed to visit a certain greengrocery shop, and decided since I haven't been exercising much lately, I would walk instead of driving, and take my camera along. We live in a moderately well off area, but it is only about a block or two, after crossing the river, a busy dual carriageway road, and a railway line in quick succession, before the character of the neighbourhood changes.

First comes the polytechnic which sports this mural on the wall.

Further up the road, this joyful sculpture by Llew Summers was shining in the late afternoon sun.

For as long as we have lived here (about twentyfive years) this boat has been sitting on this corner section. I can't help wondering what the story is behind it.

This is actually a bare brick wall. Again, I wonder what actually goes on in this building.

On the way back I noted the graphic quality of the red and blue building and circles of barbed wire. This is by the railway yards

where someone has abandoned a shopping trolley - quite a distance from any supermarket.

Up the railway line you can just see the centre of the city.


Kay Cooke said...

I love going for walks with the camera too. Thanks for these glimpses of your neighbourhood. My favourite photo is the one of the barbed wire ... the symmetry is pleasing to the eye.

Saranadd said...

Thanks for a tour of your area! I like the fake red brink wall painting. Colorful place in general. Going five minute walk from my place lands one smack dab in the middle of the Mall of chain stores. But at least my complex has lots of trees and green ;-)

January said...

What a great idea, to walk with your camera. I love seeing the world through your eyes. And, for you, it's the opportunity to see your neighborhood with fresh eyes.