Thursday, September 25, 2008


For Thematic Photographic - this week's theme is "angles"
This building - part of our public hospital - is full of interesting angles, and I haven't yet quite found the view that does it justice, but this is the best of the one's I've taken so far. (I love the colour, too - it has one yellow wall and the rest is white)


Pam said...

this is very cool...a sort of 3-dimensional angle. i can see why you were fascinated and took the shot! great job. :)

i'm up at

Mojo said...

How interesting! It almost looks as if there are hidden doors there that have been opened to expand the space. What a novel design.

And captured beautifully.

Unknown said...

Yes, very interesting and it fits the theme perfectly. A great shot Catherine, I enjoyed.

me said...

i love a hospital that looks interesting, makes you feel like folks might actually pay attention to what's going on.