Friday, July 18, 2008

Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day in New Zealand. Which I almost forgot about, since I had to work. In some centres, they schedule readings in the evening on National Poetry Day, when those of us who work for a living can actually get to them. In Christchurch, the only people who organised anything were the university, and it was at lunchtime.

I could probably have gone if I'd remembered, except that I would have had to go by car to fit it in my lunch break, and it's really hard to find a carpark around the university in term time.

So, instead of poetry, I took photos of oil spills in the supermarket car park. I hope poetry had a good day without me.


Kay Cooke said...

I love the photo it looks like spilt jewels ... I hope Poetry Day survived without me too as i was bu**red! So going to an evening poetry reading was way beyond my limitations.

Jenn: said...

Fantastic photo! I love it! It looks like jewels are growing like crystals from the asphalt.

Better luck next year for Poetry Day.

Joanna said...

Not true! The Airing Cupboard organised a lunchtime(ish) poetry reading at the South Library, in Beckenham.
(Ok, so one extra thing...)

Catherine said...

You're right Joanna, I overlooked that because it was another daytime reading I couldn't get to.
Looking at the website, Christchurch seemed to be the only major centre without an evening event.

flowers of my mind said...

I think that photo is way poetic.