Friday, December 14, 2007


I didn't really intend to take such a long blogger break in December, but one thing and another intervened. Once I stop posting regularly, it seems harder to get started again. with daily posts, I post the daily trivia, but none of that seems quite important enough for a weekly or less frequent post. Nothing for it but to jump in where I am.


A month ago our grapevine had large areas of curled up dead leaves where it had been caught by a late heavy frost in October. Now, I walk across the lawn and the brown grass crunches beneath my feet and blades snap off. The grape vine is covered in long curling tendrils coming across the yard to greet me.


Seen from my car - a blackbird swinging on a chain link fence, its long tail pivoting up and down for balance.

I went to check our electricity meter, having received an estimated bill (it saves on labour costs if they only read the meter once every two months). Inside the meter box were three small foil-wrapped Easter eggs. Where did those come from? I'd swear they weren't there the last time I looked a couple of months ago, so they strays missed in our Easter egg hunt. A mystery. What a shame they didn't seem quite edible any more.


flleenie said...

Interesting thoughts, & I concur with them all!

Did you eat the foil-wrapped Easter eggs?

flleenie said...

BTW, Michele sent me...

Bobkat said...

What a shame about the Eater egss, almost like spoiled treasure!

I love the image of the bird on the fence.

Michele sent me over to say hi.

Becky68 said...

How funny on the foil wrapped eggs, we had a real easter egg turn up in the house in July one year (we don't boil them, we put holes in each end & blow out the insides to make omlettes with- less waste & we bejewel them & keep some from year to year- so it wasn't smelly)
Thank you for stopping by my blog last night, I don't go too overboard on Christmas shopping, I spend about $200. on each of my 3 kids. Compared to many people around me (a brand new car for straight A's for 1 6 week marking period) I am cheap!

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

The easter egg made smile...I sure would love to see those grapevines...may I? ;)