Monday, May 15, 2006

Life's Little Lessons Week 2

Listing things I've learnt each week makes me realise that it's unavoidable to keep learning something, even when I don't make a conscious effort. I thought I hadn't learnt much this week but I did come up with these:
1. The most important lessons are the ones that have to be practised over and over before you have really learnt them.
2. When you don't know what to do, just sit for a bit. Which is related to a Chinese proverb I came across this week: "Muddy water let stand will clear".
3. Fabric printed with large red poppies makes great combs for roosters. And pictorial quilts don't have to be photo-realistic to look fantastic (see last Tuesday's post).
4. Fair trade coffee compares very favourably in price with regular brands.
5. I learnt the html code for "bold" and "italic".

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Jennifer S. said...

wonderful lessons. thanks for sharing. love the proverb

susanlavonne said...

i think it's great you're learning HTML! and you are so right about learning something every week (even if you don't mean to)
nice to visit your blog :-)