Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ten Photos I Want to Take with my New Camera

1. A really nice sunset, without any houses, power lines etc in the way. I can almost but not quite get there from one spot on the upper level of our house. I could climb the hill of course, but then I'd have to come down in the dark and I think that would be risking a sprained ankle on the rough track.
2. Pohutukawa blossom. Otherwise known as the New Zealand Christmas tree, because it is bright red and blooms at Christmas. Unfortunately it isn't seen much this far south, and sometimes at Christmas I get a little nostalgic for the North Island thinking of pohutukawa.
3. A harbour scene with fishing boats and their reflections. Yes, my tastes are a little chocolate boxy at times. We have a harbour not too far away, but most of the wharves have been closed off to public access - unlike Wellington where they sensibly have made public parks along the waterfront.
4. A squirrel. Preferably a British red squirrel and preferably not in a zoo. Because I've never seen one, and I think they are really cute.
5. A Chinese market.
6. Two old toothless men playing Mah Jong in the street. (Can you tell I want to travel?)
7. My daughter at her graduation (coming up soon!). This is her third degree, but she missed graduating in person the other two times because she was travelling.
8. Since she's graduating in Wellington, I'm looking forward to nostalgic photos of my home town. Maybe the cable car (and maybe the pohutukawas will be in bloom).
9. My greatgreatgrandparents' gravestones. I'm hoping that when we get to Scotland next year, they won't be vandalised or weatherworn beyond readability (I do know which churchyard to find them in).
10. Macchu Picchu. One of my dream destinations. Not going to happen any time in the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, because I am bored with photos of grasscovered hillsides and the flowers in my garden, here is something else - an impulse shot that I think turned out rather well. (Bonus points for accurately identifying what it is).


Endment said...

What a great idea! i am going to go make a list of ten photos I want to take --- just got my camera back from the yearly servicing...

I could get really interested in a place to take photos without power lines and houses :)

Dana said...

I love your list of photos. I hope you get the chance to take them all, and more.

I have no idea what the photo you shared is, but it's gorgeous.

Deb R said...

I really like the photo, but I have no idea what it is. Are you going to tell us? :-)

leonie said...

great list! can i use the idea?

are you going to post the photos on your blog when you've taken them (or your flickr account - if you have one)?