Sunday, December 10, 2006

Getting Busier

We are definitely into the silly season of December. So, maybe my posts will be shorter this month. For today:

1) We had a real live donkey in church this morning.

2) I went out with my husband this afternoon and made a good sized dent in the Christmas shopping, and

3) I also bought some new trousers. Not only did they turn out to have a special on the trousers I wanted, a free top with each pair, but I managed to fit into a size smaller. Yaay! Seems my changed eating habits are actually working.


utenzi said...

Michele sent me to congratulate you on the good deal you got on the pants/top combo and also the size reduction!

I've seen many jackasses in church, Catherine, but maybe you mean something different. ;-)

Bobkat said...

Hi. Michele sent me to see you.

December is always busy preparing for Christmas but I do enjoy it :-)

Deb R said...

Ok, number one is a bit, um...odd, even for this time of year. But YAY for number two and number three!! :-)

David Edward said...

what is it like with christmas in the summer? silly question if you have always had it that way... I wish you ever smaller pants sizes and health. God bless.
donkeys have a long history of serving God's people, even His Son.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Congrats on the "downsizing" -- doesn't that feel great? Here from Michele's!

carmilevy said...

A donkey in church? Now THAT'S got to have a neat story behind it!

Congrats on the shrinkage. Change like this is always good.

Hi again from Michele's. Hope I haven't been too much of a bug these past couple of days.