Thursday, December 21, 2006

Is It Thursday Already?

I am crazy busy this week, so I am very quickly posting a poem from my files for Poetry Thursday, and I may catch up in a day or two.
Just as well that this week's prompt was "do what you like".


points both east and west
a Byzantine ziggurat
a jazz riff, Dizzy Gillespie on a trombone
it’s a double puzzle,
a blazing breeze,
a horizon zigzagging to the zenith,
an awkward couple,
a figure 2 sharpened
catching z’s in a double bed
all knees and elbows

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Julie said...

Catherine, I love this! You have such imagination; I had to read this through several times just to get it all together in my mind. I believe this poem deserves a bookmark so I can return to mine its treasures.

I see by your comment to Dana that you had trouble posting your comment at PT. I'm so glad I found your poem anyway (gotta love my Google Reader!).

Anonymous said...

Such zeal and zest. Love the poem. :)

Anonymous said...

very fun. love it. merry xmas!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love this one, and I've seen it before ~ in your Chook Book collection.

Catherine said...

Yes, it's in the collection, but "X" and "O" are not (though I think "Z" is the best of the three). I ran out of inspiration for the other 23 letters of the alphabet. Maybe I'll get back to them one day.

craziequeen said...

rhyming on a zee - excellent.

One of these days I should write down the poetry in my head - and my life.

Michele sent me to see you this morning.

Kay Cooke said...

I like that very much - and you're right - NZers look for those Zs in any book or page! It catches the eye! Just like your poem - well done.

mareymercy said...

Very nice - cool and breezy and clever.

Jon said...

What a great little poem. One of the best things about Poetry Thursday for me has been the poetry like this which reminds me how much fun poetry can be. Thanks so much for this reminder!

Tammy Brierly said...

This was so cute and fun! Well done :)
"a figure 2 sharpened" I loved.

Anonymous said...

Love it, especially the "figure 2 sharpened" and the "all knees and elbows"

Michele sent me, and I'm glad she did!