Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Little Things..

And the not so little..

It was a great relief last night to hear that after three days of clear tests, the "boil water" advisory had been lifted.

A thousand university students, unable to attend lectures because the university is closed, are out shoveling sand and silt from the worst affected properties.

A digger driver carefully lifted a treasured crystal chandelier from a business that he was about to demolish, and handed it to its owner held delicately in his digger bucket.

I'm off on a blogging break, and an actual break, somewhere where the worst that nature can do is drought, bush fire, floods, poisonous snakes, spiders and crocodiles. (The crocodiles are north of where we are headed, and the floods, which haven't made the news much here, given that we have our own problems, are south. So I think we'll be OK).

See you all in a couple of weeks or so.


Unknown said...

Have a wonderful break Catherine. May the earth stand firm and the forces of nature be gentle with you!
I feel so proud to be a kiwi the way you Cantabrians have behaved down there.

Unknown said...

PS..yesterdays pics were magic..knowing the story behind them.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Have a wonderful break, glad to read that you're okay after the earthquake and the aftershocks. It's sad that so many buildings have been damaged and those lovely gardens lost,