Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Couple of Oddities

Or perhaps not so odd...
When I logged in to post, I saw that blogger has enabled automatic spam detection, which explains the first mystery.

A spam comment appeared in my e-mail, so I immediately logged in to the offending post to remove it, only to find that the comment wasn't there. It appears I receive spam comments by e-mail, but blogger removes them for me. Thanks, blogger!

The other little oddity was that I was at the Moo website. Moo recognized that I was from New Zealand, and invited me to click through to the site for my closest Moo retailer. This, it turned out, involved redirecting me from the US site to the UK version. Huh? Last time I looked, the US was closer, or has the world rearranged itself while I slept?


Unknown said...

I was having similar problems..and blaming myself of course. I was so pleased when it was all fixed without me doing anything. Loved the flowers especially the ones reflecting beautiful aging!

Claire Beynon said...

HI Catherine - interesting, we've both been dealing with Blogger 'quirks' the last 24 hours. I also work on a Mac and on Safari, so I'm not sure what the story is. Perhaps it'll all look different tomorrow! Glad your comments business has sorted itself now.

I agree with Joan about your flowers... I loved them too, especially your comment that age can be beautiful. It can.

PS. The title of your blog is marvelous!

Unknown said...

Hello Catherine..just thinking of you today..and listening to earthquake reports. Hope everything is ok with you and yours. Such a terrible thing. Hope your house is safe. Arohanui. Joan