Sunday, September 05, 2010

More Earthquake Photos

There's a shortage of things to think about round here at the moment. Despite many suburbs looking normal, nothing is running. No buses. All public buildings (schools, libraries, movie theatres etc) closed till at least Wednesday. I can't even keep busy doing big piles of laundry, as I had planned for the weekend, since we are supposed to conserve water. I'm tossing up between doing some small loads of essential laundry, and going on holiday at the end of the week with a suitcase full of dirty laundry to do when I get there.

So, with not enough else to do, and feeling pretty edgy anyway, I went for another walk. Watching the damage on TV, I was pretty sure I knew where the nearest badly damaged buildings in walking distance would be. And I was right.

The yellow spray paint reads "Falling Debris NG (no go) 5/9/10 11.00 a.m."

I suspect these buildings will be pulled down, and replaced with something like the shiny but bland modern block across the road.

I have work tomorrow. Probably will spend the day picking up files from the floor and sorting and re-shelving them. My Monday-Tuesday-Thursday job is in a home office at my boss's home, which is undamaged (apart from all the files ending up on the floor).

I think the office for my Wednesday-Friday job is OK too, except that I may have to take a rather roundabout route to get there, given that the central city and a few other parts are still cordoned off, and some bridges are closed.

It sounds as if the gale force winds that were predicted have just reached us. That won't do some of the damaged buildings much good.

My daughter works at the university library (closed for the week). She gave me the link to photos of the library here. I think she has way more picking up and re-shelving to do than I have.

Before our holiday, I need to get to a bank. My usual branch is in a badly-damaged, cordoned off area. I'm assuming I'll be able to find one that's open somewhere not too far out of the way.

More earthquake photos at Christchurch Daily Photo


lifeonthecutoff said...

I wandered onto your blog from Joan's at Sempiterna Me and just wanted to tell you that we up here in the midwestern US are praying for all of you in the quake area and hoping that all is back to normal as quickly as possible, knowing that much will not be the same and thankful that the injuries weren't as bad. Blessings to all this day.

Joan said...

My goodness Catherine. It is looking like a lot of work. What a mess at the uni library. Somehow we never imagined Christchurch was in line for an earthquake. Good luck with getting back to normal..