Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It Goes On...

I was sleeping in a bit this morning when the latest aftershock hit, a very sharp jolt that had me leaping for the floor to shelter beside the very solid bed without any hesitation. The power went off for the first time since Friday morning, but it was restored fairly quickly.

It was brief, fortunately, but strong enough to have done significant further damage. Our own house has a couple of cracks in the stucco that we are pretty sure weren't there before. Hopefully there is no major structural damage, I don't think it is unsafe but we will have to have the assessors in. Presumably all the city buildings that have been assessed as safe will have to be assessed again.

I am going to head out and hope that banks are open as I have a major "to do" list of errands put off from the weekend.

I want one of these chairs..

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Joan said...

The aftershocks sound very scary. My sister and family were in the Edgecomb earthquake and are all feeling for you. Hope the trip to the bank went well.