Monday, September 06, 2010

Earthquake Poetry

One of the few things that fell in our house during the earthquake was the metal panel with my magnetic poetry on it. I picked it up but left the words there for a day or two. I was feeling too strung out to put them all back in an orderly way, so I have scooped them all up into a box in the meantime.

When I am feeling a little less jumpy I may see if I can write a poem or two using these words.

Schools, libraries and universities are still all closed. Buses will resume tomorrow, but the bus exchange in the central city is in the cordoned off area, so the buses will go to and from the city fringes only. The rubbish collectors and the postmen, bless them, are working as normal. We will hear in about 24 hours whether the water is safe to drink unboiled or not.

My workplace is unaffected, but my work computer seems to rattle a lot more loudly than my home computer during aftershocks. We had several this afternoon around a magnitude of 4.0. One of them further damaged some buildings that had been damaged in the main quake, and they had to be demolished.

We are very glad that the forecast bad weather has not eventuated so far. High winds and heavy rain are not good for buildings with crumbling brickwork or holes covered by tarpaulins.


Joan said...

This could be a new form of writing poetry Catherine. Fling words on the floor and see waht comes up.
'use time to hit lazy men..'

I hope Mother Earth has settled down tonight.

Twain12 said...

sometimes jumbled up words make more sense the we think.....the worse thing we experience here is a bad snow storm here , you all must be shell shocked. I hope the weather will cooperate and not make things worse. My thoughts are with you.

janie said...

It must be terrifying, I've never experienced an earthquake and hopefully never will. I think I'm safe enough in Ireland :)

Dana said...

Even words are affected by natural disasters. That should make for an interesting poem, Catherine.