Sunday, September 05, 2010

Earthquake Day 2

Superficially, everything around here seems normal, except that it isn't. Parts of the city are still without power and water. We are being asked to boil water and to flush sparingly as the waste systems are not fully operational. There are no buses running and the central city is still cordoned off. I am grateful, of course, that the damage wasn't far more severe. I had planned to be in the area where the worst damage occurred, running errands, just a few hours later. There can't be a much better time of day to have an earthquake than 4.30 in the morning.

The photo is for Carmi's Thematic Photographic theme for this week, transportation. This old style delivery bike stands outside Johnson's grocery, a store near the centre of Christchurch which looks very much like the grocery stores of my childhood. It has managed to survive by providing specialty items such as imported biscuits, cereals, sweets etc to the immigrant community who want the items they remember from home (especially the UK). I have no idea if the shop will still stand undamaged when I can next get into the centre of the city.

We are still experiencing frequent aftershocks. It's a bit unnerving.


Twain12 said...

i seen some footage of the earthquake on TV...looks pretty bad to me, good to hear you are save

Joan said...

The aftershocks certainly must be unnerving to say the least. I hope the bad weather passes you by.

Love the old bike. I hope it survived the quake along with the shop. What an unbelievable time it must be.

Carmi said...

I'm thinking of you all, Catherine, and sending you wishes that the earth will soon stop trembling and that NZ will find a way to quickly repair the significant damage and return to a somewhat normal - if changed - pace.

Nothing like a dose of Mother Nature's worst to remind us who's boss.

I love this shot. You've captured a beautiful vignette, a moment seemingly from a time gone by, that continues to survive by pluck and stubbornness. I love slices of life like this, and I'm so glad you chose to share this with us despite it all.