Saturday, June 09, 2007

Shameless Lions

I have adopted a lion from the Shameless Lions Writing Circle, created by Seamus at Shameless Words. He is one of 48 lions from Lyons, France. I first discovered this writing circle on Chiefbiscuit's blog, and was wondering whether to participate when I spotted this fine fellow among the lions not yet spoken for. Of course I knew straight away that he wanted a home on my blog, where both patchwork and poetry are welcome.

I have named my lion Florian, which seemed a fitting strong and masculine name, with a touch of the floral.

Members of the circle have been asked for a piece of writing - poetry or prose - maximum 48 words, to celebrate their adopted lion.

Here is mine:

Don't snigger. I am not what you think.
The women who made me had little,
but they chose only the best pieces
for me. They knew what it was
to fight. They sewed fierceness
and strength into every stitch.



Neat...I like your poem about this. You should have the artist who did the lion see it. :-)

THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY said... I understand. The man who runs the writing circle is the artist???

I am hoping to adopt Lion 34....the one with all the spikes. :-)

PI said...

Here I am again Catherine, from Michele's and how kind of you to have done a new post. I have never seen a patchwork lion before and your poem does him justice. Incidentally right behind me is a double bed with a quilt I made when I first married MTL
and had long hours on my own.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL Lion, your Florion.I have to go over to that site and check out the other lions....
He is quite special, Catherine!

craziequeen said...

Florian is going to look big and proud on your blog - and your poem does him proud...

Michele sent me to see your new feline friend...

colleen said...

In Nags Head North Carolina they have a number of these, but they are wild horses. Good poem. It addresses the contradiction this fierce patchwork lion seems to have. Michele says hi.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thanks for posting about your lion. I immediately wanted to participate and rushed over to find "my" lion. The one that grabbed me from the start was #30, the one I think should be named Roary, the Literary Lion. I put in my bid to adopt him and am ready to write my post as soon as I hear from Seamus. He must be taking the weekend off, but I've been spending time with the lion I want. So we shall see what happens. How long did it take from request to getting your friend Florion?

chiefbiscuit said...

Yes! I knew you'd do the lion proud - and you have. Great name - and why did I know you'd choose that one?

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Catherine, thanks for coming to my blog to comment. I have my lion! Seamus has listed my adoption and says lion #30 is mine. My email is emerging(dot)paradigm(at)yahoo(dot)com and I need to post it on my blog.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


I came by to introduce myself, I'm a fellow member of the Shameless Lions Writing Circle.

I LOVE your poem (I can just hear Eliza Dolittle asking, 'ere... what was you sniggering at?) thank you for the laugh & fond thought, I really love your photos and your page. really ran? Wow. Great scenery, don't know if I could do that.

I will be back often to visit, I am posting a link to get here fast.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Anonymous said...

Hi, would you please pass this note along to Florian? I invite him to come visit me on my new blog, Literary Lion of Lyon. He would probably recognize me from the blog’s title, but tell him Roary sent the invitation. Thanks.

Roary ^..^