Saturday, May 06, 2006

Where I'm From

Someone asked me this in the comments., so I have now figured out how to add it to my profile. I still have to do the photograph, but I'm waiting to get a haircut.

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I've been here around 23 years - I can figure this out from the age of my middle daughter who was two months old when we came here. It's further south than my home town of Wellington, and it was summer when we arrived, so I just about went nuts at first trying to get her to sleep on the long light summer evenings.

On the other hand it's flat here. Wellington is many things but flat isn't one of them. I most certainly welcomed being able to push the pram out the door and not have to carry it down a long flight of steps to the car.

I was browsing the net looking for poetry by Lauris Edmond in preparation for Poetry Thursday, and I cam across an article in - of all places - a running magazine, which has some wonderful descriptions of Wellington. My home is here now, my life is here, but I still get tugs on my heart strings when I return to Wellington. This article reminded me why - " a harbor city so vigorously full of steep hills and wind-swept movement that it makes San Francisco look like a placid Dutch landscape".

A hint: it was rather slow to load for me. If you have trouble, type "Racing in Middle Earth" into google. It should come up the first on the list. Click on "cached". It is much quicker.

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for telling where you are from...(I'm back from Michele..) The link doesn't work, btw and I couldn't find the "cached" link after I google it...BUT, I Gdid Googled Images "Wellington" and saw some BEAUTIFUL pictures of the Harbor...Lovely to meet you from so far away...!