Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Good Sort of Ordinary

It was an ordinary sort of day today - work and then chores in the evening. But pleasant little things kept happening to boost my mood:
1. I came back to my desk from a break at work to find a pot of honey. One of my boss's colleagues had brought organic honey for all the staff.
2. Doing errands on the way home, I parked at a meter and found fifteen minutes left on it, just the length of time I needed.
3. I got printer cartridges refilled at the place that always puts complimentary chocolates in the bag with the cartridges. And then I got a voucher for 12 cents a litre off petrol as well. (Petrol is about $1.70 a litre here. That's $8.50 a gallon which is a bit under $6 a gallon in American dollars. Sigh).
4. I got a rejection letter from a poetry magazine. Yes this made me happy, firstly because they bothered to reply. I have come across some that don't, even though I include an SAE. And secondly, because they said "Sorry to say no this time, but please submit again". I think this counts as a "good" rejection letter.
My mood didn't even drop much when I found the internet wasn't working. It turns out our ISP changed the IP address without telling us. Why on earth would they do that? So the MOTH (man of the house) had to change the settings, and now it is working again. So I can go and check all your blogs again.


srp said...

Here from Michele.
Some days are full of small blessings, if we just take the time to see them. Have a good one tomorrow as well.

Deb R said...

Not only a cool list, but I love the title of this post.