Saturday, May 27, 2006

Finally Some Sun

Last night I dreamed I was running an orienteering event - only when I got there I realised I had forgotten to put the controls out. So I decided to organise a star relay (in which the participants themselves place the controls), and then I discovered the maps had gone missing. So then I decided that I would send everyone out on an exercise to draw their own maps.
I've dreamed of orienteering from time to time in the past - usually I find myself lost without a map and no idea where to go, then I wake up. I thought it was interesting that this time I actually solved a problem in my dream. Somehow though as the day progressed I wasn't feeling in the least positive. At least the sun came out. It's been cold and grey for a couple of weeks. So I took my camera for a walk round the block and noted the last flowers of summer, the autumn leaves, the dead branches of winter and the first signs of spring (camellias and rhododendrons blooming). The seasons get a bit mixed up around here. That must come from having generally mild winters, and introduced plants from a range of climates. I was taking photos of tree bark by the river, and a neighbour stopped and introduced herself to me. She said, "I have a camera tucked over my shoulder, and I'm not really in a hurry to get where I'm going". So she started taking photos too. I filled my camera card with a range of photos and went home feeling somewhat more upbeat. Here for your enjoyment are a skyscape, an almost perfect pink camellia and some beautiful autumn leaves.


kenju said...

Beautiful photos; I love the last one. Michele sent me.

Deb R said...

Really beautiful photos!

paris parfait said...

Great post and amazing photos! Wow!

Terri said...

Hello, Michele sent me!

GREAT photos, and I agree with kenju...the last is my favorite!


srp said...

Michele sent me.
Love the leaves. It does sound like the seasons are a bit mixed up there. Here too at times. In Mississippi we never had the lovely fall leaves, partly because we mostly had pines but also because it was so warm they just tended to turn brown and fall off. Only the black-gum tree had the brilliant reds early on. These pictured here are quite lovely.