Monday, May 08, 2006

Life's Little Lessons

"Life's Little Lessons" is the brainchild of Sarah of Rustic Relics who has created a new site for it - click on the button in the sidebar for more information.
Participants are invited to post every Monday with a list of five things learnt in the previous week. so here goes:

1. I learned how to put the button in the sidebar. Sarah sent me the code, but I couldn't get it to work - it came up as a broken link. Here is the alternative method that works: I went to her site, chose "View Source" in my browser menu, and lo! I was able to find the code she used for her button, copy and paste it to my blog template. This gave me a left-aligned button and my current button (Poetry Thursday) was centred, so I changed some of the html to match the html for the Poetry Thursday button and made them both centred. You can learn quite a lot by careful observation. Which leads me to...

2. I learned how to tear magazine paper for collage in such a way as to put the white edges where I wanted them.

3. I learned what a Porsche car logo badge thingy looks like. I have no idea why I want to know, or what use this piece of information will be. Maybe it will turn up in the novel I may or may not write someday.

4. I learned that paua (a kind of shellfish similar to abalone) run away when they smell a starfish in the vicinity. Maybe I can use this piece of trivia in the same novel.

5. I learned that there wasn't a tsunami while I was asleep early Thursday morning. There might have been a tsunami but there wasn't. And I learned that our Civil Defence were not very well prepared to deal with a tsunami if there was one. Maybe they will be better prepared by the time a real one comes.


MaR said...

Hi from Michele this morning. Very interesting post, I like this meme, will check out the link. happy monday!

Jennifer S. said...

Your books sound like they will be full of interesting trivia :) I learned how to make a button just today. I will soon do a lesson entry too!

jane said...

#4 is very interesting. Starfish must eat paua? It'd be a great bit of trivia for a novel.
Thank you for visiting my blog today & leaving such a kind message.