Monday, August 07, 2006

City Safari

More photos from my camera try out last week. It was fun being able to look up in the city at balconies, architectural features etc, and to have enough zoom to get a good closeup shot.

Is Elvis still alive? He looks rather wooden in this shot.

The teddies are making a jail break.

These windowboxes always make me think of Europe.

Gulls are ubiquitous in New Zealand. I liked the lines of the steps on this fountain.


mar said...

Oh, I love your unique pics! just lovely shots. Michele sent me, nice to meet you :)

chiefbiscuit said...

great photos - the things you see through a camera - or it's not actually 'through' now is it? On a camera? In a camera?

cyndy said...

Love those photos.
Good Monday to you (maybe? what time is it in New Zealand?)
Here from MIchele

paris parfait said...

Fab photos! I especially like the teddies making a jail break.

Writing Blind said...

These are great pictures, especially the teddy bears. Too funny.

January said...

Great photos! Now I know what happened to Elvis! Mystery solved!

Deb R said...

These are all wonderful photos!

(Trying to catch up after my time away this past weekend.)