Friday, September 05, 2008


One day while orienteering in a park on the hills which provide the backdrop to our city, I came across a patch of scrub protected by wire fencing, which was strung with Tibetan prayer flags. It seemd so incongruous, I went back a few months later to check out the scene and take photos. I still don't know what the story is behing them.

I remembered this photo when Carmi announced that his Thematic Photographic topic this week is "faded". The prayer flags left out for the rain and the wind seemed a perfect image for the theme.

Tibetan Prayer Flags in Victoria Park, Christchurch, New Zealand


Robin said...

How fascinating. I love the way your photo captures the wind.

Unknown said...

Very interesting, I googled it and it translates as 'Blessings on the Wind'... the photo is great, lovely colors and you can see they've been there for awhile with the tattered ends.

Super for the theme, I enjoyed.

Tracey9AD said...

What a great story for this beautiful photo. The tattered edges seem to tell the story as well. Glad you made it back to take pictures.

me said...

I have always wanted to fly these. What a perfect photo for the theme.