Tuesday, September 02, 2008

About Town

I didn't take photos of the craft stalls at Craft 2.0, but I did take some photos of the area of the city nearby.

This is the building where the event was held - I'm not sure what the building's original purpose was, but it is now an information centre and exhibition area.

A detail of the building:

Robert Falcon Scott watches from the grassy riverside opposite. The statue is by his widow Lady Kathleen Scott. I always think it is quite appropriate that it is of icy white marble.

Spring is coming:

What is going on with blogger? I tried for 12 hours to upload the last image. Finally I quit my web browser, went back into my draft post and was able to upload the image with no problems. Can anyone explain why?

I'm glad I didn't sign up for a post every day in September, I would have been stymied already.

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January said...

I love your photos of spring. It's still warm here but cooler weather is just around the corner.