Saturday, September 06, 2008

Christchurch Writers Festival Part 3

It's not as if I don't have enough books piled up already. But I find myself eyeing up the bookstore at the festival trying to figure out how best to use one lonely $20 book voucher. Should I buy Robert Fisk's massive tome, "The Great War for the Civilisation", or Norman Doidge's fascinating sounding "The Brain that Changes Itself", or a poetry book from one of the dozen or so fine poets I have heard read.

Then again there are the novels, for instance Anya Ulinich's intriguing sounding first novel "Petropolis" from which I heard a little yesterday. And the travel books - Ben Hills "The Island of the Ancients" on Sardinia sounds a fascinating read.

I just can't decide - maybe the book voucher will even stay in my bag unused while I try to make up my mind.

By filling in a survey I was able to go in the draw to win $200 of book vouchers. (This will buy about half the books that it would buy in the US, maybe less, due to currency differences and the much greater price of books here). I have my fingers crossed - but then around five hundred or so others all have hopes of winning, too.

I have notes from a number of sessions and may report in more length later. Right now I am heading for bed. The library staff are giving the festival excellent coverage on their blog, here.


Kay Cooke said...

Thanks for your reports - I do like your unpretentious reports that tell it like it is. You have a gift for sensible reporting. Hope you had a good sleep.

Anonymous said...

"Then again there are the novels."

Novels??? What are those???


Anonymous said...

Good luck ... hope you win. The festival definitely adds to your must read list. I agree with you on both Ben Hills and Anya Ulinich, I think I'd like Elizabeth Knox's Dreamhunter books after having heard her speak, and Hamish Keith's memoirs ...
Thanks for linking to us at Christchurch City Libraries too.