Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Scribblings and Other Matters

This week's topic for Sunday Scribblings is "hotels". I almost decided to give it a miss. When we travel we don't usually stay in hotels, unless you interpret the term rather loosely. We prefer motels (and also use timeshare resorts) - units that come complete with kitchen, so we can cook.

I didn't think I had much experience of hotels, until I started thinking back. There were the blandly similar hotels that I stayed in way back before children. I was a forensic scientist then. I travelled to different towns and cities to give evidence in court. Whille my husband travelled for his work, around the globe, I saw a lot of identical police stations and court rooms in small town New Zealand. Then there were the hotels we stayed in when we relocated from one city to another, while our furniture was packed up and we looked for new rental accommodation. And there was the hotel we stayed in when we decided to travel to Auckland to see an exhibition of da Vinci drawings, and the brand new Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World, taking our eldest three children (the fourth was a bump in my stomach). We don't seem to do things like that any more.

And who ever stays in a hotel in their own city? I had that experience a couple of years ago. It was a prize in a competition - "Summer Sonnets". Part of the Festival of Flowers and Romance. First prize was a spa weekend at a hotel in a thermal resort , second prize was a night in a hotel in the same chain, here in Christchurch, and third prize was dinner at their restaurant. I figured first or third prize would be very nice, so of course I came second! (Well, I was surprised and grateful to win anything). It turned out to be a very pleasant experience - leaving the family who are old enough to look after themselves, checking in, strolling around the city, eating dinner at a restaurant, finding the pool, spa and sauna in the basement and then a night alone with each other before checking out in the morning and returning home.

But what I really wanted to say about hotels is that it would be nice to be in one right now. I want to be in some blandly unmemorable hotel, somewhere warm and very memorable. Instead of here, where it is winter.

Which brings me to the mail order catalogue that came in the mail yesterday. It reads "Spring is in the air! Whcih means we can kick off our shoes and head outdoors again. It's a season full of promise, when bright green shoots appear and flowers begin to bloom. Like a breath of fresh air, everything feels new again..."

Okay, we just had the coldest June for thirty-four years. That's official. We are about two weeks past the shortest day of the year. I am wearing all sorts of woolly layers. At least I am at home, on work days I dress down a bit because it is warmer. (That's one of the bad things about New Zealand - our houses are not built for warmth. But that's another topic altogether.) And now here is this catalogue trying to sell me bikinis?!?

The silly thing is that obviously lots of people do buy clothes so early it's the previous season. Then when I finally get round to wanting new clothes appropriate to the current weather, I find all the styles I like are sold out in my size. It's a good thing I don't care about clothes too much.

Lynn at Sprigs wanted to know why I needed cheering up. It's a winter thing, I think. My body seems to want to go into hibernation lately. I feel low on energy and unmotivated. I was having a particularly grumpy day yesterday, Lynn, when I wrote that comment, but I am feeling much more upbeat today. I might actually get something done. (That hotel would be nice though. Somewhere like Spain, or Paris, or Hawaii).


Plain Jane said...

I stayed in a resort hotel in a city I lived in once... Virginia Beach. It was sorta nice. No dog, no laundry, room service and a balcony overlooking the ocean (not a view you could get from the house we lived in...).

Hi, from Michele's! :)

Sarie said...

I have never stayed at a resort hotel. I don't think. One day.

Here via Michele's

paris parfait said...

Cheer up - spring is just around the corner. We were feeling that way in France, when it was too cold in May (and of course now we're complaining about the heat). :)Your spa holiday sounds fun. And what fascinating tales you must have from your days as a forensic scientist!

Kay Cooke said...

That was interesting about your forensic scientist background ... I agree - a stay in ahotel RIGHT NOW would be rather nice!

carmilevy said...

There's something lovely about staying in a place where you don't need to cook, someone else does the cleaning, and the cares of the real world seem to far away.

I like knowing that my biggest decision of the day will be figuring out when I want to go to the beach, and which towel I should bring with me.

If only...

January said...

I feel the same way you do about winter. In six months, I'll be sad and blue, thinking about warmer climates.

Maybe the answer is in your question, "And who ever stays in a hotel in their own city?" Maybe you should go on a mini-retreat overnight. Go to a hotel in your own city and write, relax, do something for yourself. Nothing perks me up like fresh linens and room service! :)

Thanks for the Sunday post.

Yak Attacker said...

I also hate long dreary winters, but I have found that by burning candles it feels cheerier and warmer. Then, spring comes!

Star said...

Winters...bah! Hate 'em. I do hope spring is just around the corner for you. I dislike hot and humid summers also, but will take them any day over winter's cold and icy roads.

We tend to be more motel people as well, so I haven't written anything yet for today's post. It sounds lovely, though, to be treated to a stay in your own city. No phone to answer, to chores to do, your time is your own.

Thanks for sharing a peek at your forensic science background; could we hear more?

Tracie Nall said...

Hotels can be nice--I always spend most of my time in the pool--or the hot tub if they have one!

Michele says hello!

Deb R said...

I get the winter blahs too, so I know what you mean. Glad you were feeling better by the time you wrote the post!