Friday, April 07, 2006

Television - Slightly Political

Yesterday I did another mountain of work on the Takahe subscribers database (I will link Takahe, when the website is finished). Then in the evening I found I had a huge pile of clean laundry to tackle. Why do my offspring love those heavy cotton drill pants with loads of pockets? I did a huge pile of ironing while watching "Commander in Chief".

While it has its good points I can't say I like it nearly as much as I liked "The West Wing". I was wondering, is it a sign of the times, post 9-11? Or is it that a woman president has to be shown as strong and competent to be credible? something else that struck me last night is that there is no mention of Iraq and not much of the Middle East. This may change - we are way behind the US, I presume, somewhere in the middle of the first season. Last night was full of North Korea and China. Are we supposed to believe that this is set a little in the future, when Dubya had put Iraq to rights and all the soldiers have gone home leaving peace in the Middle East? Oh well, it's just a TV show...

One more thing - that line "I am the leader of the free world" really grates on me. I consider New Zealand part of the free world, and the president of the United States is not my leader.

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