Monday, April 24, 2006

Gardens and Dreams

I've been pulling up weeds in the rain. Mainly because there isn't any other way to do it, since it's raining.
Everywhere I go in blogland there seems to be photos of spring flowers. In this part of the world it is autumn. which is a really good time to garden, because if I don't the garden will be full of weeds all winter. If I pull them up now, it will stay fairly tidy until spring (we don't get enough snow to kill them off). Until today we had had a really dry sunny autumn which is great for gardening but not so good for autumn colour. However, I'm clearing room for the last of the tulip bulbs so I can have spring colour instead.

I have been pondering the nature of dreams. Whenever there is a dream sequence in a novel or indeed any other book it always seems remarkably coherent. Mine aren't. My daughter says things change in her dreams eg what is at first a horse may later be a lion. Well, mine do that but they are more complicated because the horse will go on being a horse at the same time it is also a lion. And a place that starts off being say, my home town, may also become at the same time somewhere in Africa and a part of another planet. (Just making up examples here but that's the sort of thing)....The other night I dreamed of dolphins stung by bees. Of course it was a lot more complicated than that, it took up a page and a half in my journal and I still don't feel I captured the full flavour of it, but that's the central image. That's the other thing about my dreams, very few of them fit the categories offered in the dream interpretation books (not that I believe the dream interpretation books anyway.)

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