Thursday, April 20, 2006

Computer Deprivation Week

It's been almost a week since I decided to give up playing computer games for a week - rather like the "Reading Deprivation Week" in "The Artist's Way", except that I've been reading quite a lot. I'm thinking of making it permanent. One interesting result though, is that I seem to be a lot more tired than usual. I think that's because I have to make a lot more decisions about what to do next. That, and consciously resisting the urge to take a break and play "just one or two" games, seems to use up quite a lot of mental energy. I suspect the tiredness will decrease as I establish new habits.

I have been gardening, decluttering, quilting, and reading. In the garage, I tidied the area where I put garden supplies - fertiliser, empty plant pots etc. I was horrified to discover a plastic bag containing a very rotten fish - flounder or sole. I think it was overlooked some months or even years ago when I was defrosting the freezer. It had dribbled liquid onto a deck chair which I put out on the back lawn and scrubbed thoroughly this afternoon. Now I have a faint whiff coming from my hands. It's not so bad if I think of it as liquid fertiliser.

Tomorrow I go to work (I work three days a week). I have a co-worker with the nose of a bloodhound, so I think a long relaxing perfumed bubble bath is called for this evening.

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