Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fortune Cookies

"Fortune cookies" was the topic for Sunday Scribblings this week. As I am having a busy weekend my contribution is short and sweet.

On a still hot day
I hear small explosions
pellets shot from seed pods
the sun is opening fortune cookies
all of them make the same promise
"spring will come again
there will be beauty"

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yak attack said...

Oh, to *hear* spring come, not just see and smell it! What a lovely poem. I love "the sun is opening fortune cookies..."

paris parfait said...

Lovely poem - and the very idea of fortune cookies merrily popping open for the sun to read - clever.

NuttersNotes said... of the best I have read today.

Mardougrrl said...

Sweet indeed...and a lovely image of all of the cookies opening with the same promise.

Michelle said...


Amber said...

Aww, I hope those words are true.


Chelle Y. said...

That was simple and sweet. You're a great writer!

Kamsin said...

This is indeed both short and sweet. I took the 'fortune cookies' to be early spring flowers opening in the sun. But anyway, nothing like the promise of spring (here in the UK it seems an awful long way off as the days shorten and the days are cooling!).

GreenishLady said...

What a perfect image you've captured there! Beautiful little poem! Thank you.

Remiman said...

I love the simplicity of this.

papyrus said...

Seeds of spring what a beautiful idea and a lovely poem.