Friday, June 30, 2006

And Now for an Ad Break

From their website:
"Suddenly Press, a small but determined publishing house newly transplanted to Silicon Valley, California, USA publishes Best of the Rest, a series of best of the year anthologies showcasing the best short speculative fiction from the small press, online, and non-American publishers."
The reason for its inclusion in my blog is that my daughter has a story included. For details on the book, click here.
And for her story originally published in Abyss and Apex, an online science fiction/fantasy journal, click here.

I also received a letter today accepting two poems I submitted to our local newspaper. One is to be published early August and one early September. I have had good success with the newspaper and with one magazine, I have been trying to broaden my list of publications lately but after several rejection letters - very encouraging letters, but still rejections - I decided to fall back on my good old standbys. I'm still waiting to hear from the magazine.


Prego said...

the coolest thing about writing sci-fi is coming up with all the cool names for aliens and such. well done.

here in the u.s. there's a scam going in where poets are solicited for material to be included in a 'national anthology'... then they sell you a $75 book with your poem in it. i figured it was a scam because my brother wrote a short 'tongue-in-cheek' poem that got rave reviews accepted for publication.

hopefully you won't fall for something similar, since you needen't pay to be published.


here via michele today

Deb R said...

Yay on the acceptance letter from the paper!!

Writing Blind said...

Well congratulations all around and good luck with the magazine.

paris parfait said...

I'm not a sci fi fan, but I can see that talent runs in your family! Congrats to your daughter. And congrats to you, on upcoming publication of your poems! Well done! Hope you're celebrating this weekend.

chiefbiscuit said...

Your daughter's writing is stunning - she will surely do well with her writing. It's not easy to write good sci-fi, but she certainly achieves it. What imagination - but a very grounded imagination which is what you need to write good sci-fi I believe. A captivating read - please pass on my admiration and congrats.