Friday, March 31, 2006

Links and Leaves Part 2

I shouldn't publish in such a hurry! I forgot the "leaves" part of the post. I spent a good part of the morning yesterday sweeping up leaves from our driveway and tidying the garden. I swept the earth off the concrete where the birds had been digging in the garden and tossed it up. I now have a large raw blister at the base of my thumb from the broom handle.

Of course now there are nearly as many leaves on the driveway as there were, and the birds have been digging and throwing up soil again. I had to cover the flowers that I planted in this spot with netting because the birds kept digging them up. I've taken it off now because I felt they were established enough, and it didn't look very pretty.

I have been picking up chestnuts on my walks. I like to keep one in my pocket in autumn because of its smooth feel. It is a sort of talisman for me.

Some trees have entirely changed to autumn colours, others are still green. Not for much longer, I suspect.

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