Monday, March 20, 2006

Everyone is doing it! I decided that there was no point in saying I might get a blog some day. Why not just do it?
This is a learning curve. I found all sorts of issues arose immediately. For instance, I needed a title. So I picked a line from a poem I wrote a few years back:

Portrait of the Poet as a Young Girl
She tried hard to be like the others
She struggled to catch a ball
She never quite managed a cartwheel
After much practice she stood on her head

When she grew up she turned to science
She thought she would turn the world upside down
After a while she realised
that the world had stayed in its proper place all along
and she was still standing on her head

Now I have broken the ice, as it were, it should be easier to write a post when I actually have something to say

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I love the poem Catherine. My blog is at

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