Saturday, March 25, 2006

I love Sudoku! I have a cute version on my computer called "Snoodoku" which has funny little faces instead of numbers. Every so often I resolve to cut down on playing Snoodoku. I'm not so good at this though. I'll finish something that I'm doing and think I'll just play a game or two before I move on to the next thing. Even if I stick to the one or two games, it can add up quite a bit if it happens often enough during the day.

Today I decided that the only solution was to resolve not to play at all. So, what have I done instead? Here are a few:
Sorted and ironed a pile of laundry
Vacuumed the conservatory that houses our spa pool. Because it is normally locked, it's a case of "out of sight out of mind". I don't see it (unless I'm sitting in it, in which case I'm relaxing and not cleaning). I also hosed down the outside, so the windows are sparkling on both sides. And I took photos of the dead praying mantis in the spider web (insides partially exposed) and the live praying mantis on the window.
Spent some time writing notes for a poem. My game plan is to spend half an hour writing every day. I don't keep to it as often as I'd like though.
Baked a batch of biscuits (cookies, for any Americans out there).
And, I went for a long walk to the garden centre and bought tulip bulbs. Bright orange tulips to plant in my cobalt blue planter plots to brighten up spring. Until then, I will visualise them to brighten up winter.
Here's a picture of the tulip packets so you can see what they will look like (see, I'm learning how to blog - first, how to make a post, then, how to post an image. Next up will be how to include a link in my post)

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