Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday Poem: Z

Time for something light. I seem to be quite good at starting series of poems and less good at finishing them. At one stage, after playing with lists of words I liked, I started a series based on letters of the alphabet, but didn't get very far. As I recall, I managed "Z", "O" and "X", but the one I liked best was "Z". This was first published in the Christchurch Press, and also in "The Chook Book" - now out of print, but I have a few spare copies.


points both east and west
a Byzantine ziggurat
a jazz riff, Dizzy Gillespie on a trombone
it's a double puzzle
a blazing breeze
a horizon zigzagging to the zenith
an awkward couple
a figure 2 sharpened
catching z's in a double bed
all knees and elbows.

copyright Catherine Fitchett

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lucychili said...

love the knees and elbows =)

Mary McCallum said...

love 'a Byzantine ziggurat' - and 'an awkward couple' - very nice...

Joseph Harker said...

Dazzling and drizzled with pizzazz. :)