Thursday, March 31, 2011

Various Observations

1) Apparently scientific research shows that novelty and challenge are important factors in happiness. On that basis, Christchurch should be a very happy city at the moment. OK, that observation is somewhat tongue in cheek, but I have to admit that I have rather enjoyed the challenge of finding new routes to work. So far, for my twice a week job in which I have to cross town, I haven't once gone the exact same route either to work or coming home. I'm running out of sensible possibilities though - soon I may have to admit that I'm not likely to find a better route than those I've explored already. Though that is always open to change, as new roadworks crop up, or temporary cordons due to demolitions.

2) To the person who put up the home made sign that I pass on my way, offering $40 chimney sweeping: do you really think anyone in Christchurch has a chimney left to sweep? It's time to find a new trade. I believe plumbers and drain layers are in huge demand.

3) Our emergency repairs started, and then stopped again. The roof is more weather tight than it was, but there's still a gap in the eaves. They left their ladder behind, so either they are coming back, or they think it is weather tight enough for now, and just forgot the ladder.

4) At my other job, we listen to easy listening music on the radio. But then there are the ads. I'm getting really tired of listening to ads for roofing companies etc, wanting earthquake repair business. Has anyone actually had their insurance claim settled yet? Most of us are a long way off being in a position to actually choose repair companies.

5) My replacement at my twice a week job started work yesterday. I have a month to train her before I finish up. Two of us working together should make a big impact on the backlog of work. Suddenly the pressure got a whole lot less.

6) NaPoWriMo starts tomorrow. I still haven't quite decided if I feel up to the challenge of writing a poem a day for April. I haven't written anything except blog posts and the occasional e-mail since February 22nd.

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Zeborah said...

Possibly the chimney sweeps are offering to sweep up the chimney from the driveway. $40 wouldn't be a bad price for that service.

Official word is that "For emergency repairs under $2000, you can go ahead and arrange for the work to be done. Keep all receipts." Not sure if that's $2000 total or $2000 per distinct repair job.