Friday, December 05, 2008

Oamaru Again

Oamaru is a town that takes its Victorian heritage very seriously. Not only do they have a festival in November every year, but in the historic precinct of town, there are a number of businesses where you can get the flavour of Victorian life all year round.

Most of the action at the Victorian fete was in the street stalls and entertainment, but I also ventured inside some of the shops - we bought lunch at the bakery, visited this traditional bookbinder

(beautiful handbound journals at rather high prices)

the Grainstore Art Gallery, which is like no other art gallery I have ever seen

and the secondhand bookstore.

The proprietor is wrapping my purchase (a book of Scottish poetry) with brown paper and string, after entering the details by hand in a large leather bound ledger. She wears Victorian dress all year round. The business does, however, make one concession to modern life - an EFTPOS machine.

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Anonymous said...

Which Scottish Poet was it or was it an anothology?