Friday, August 29, 2008

Catching Up...

Last week I didn't post much because I was busy doing interesting things. This week I didn't post much either, because I was busy doing less interesting things. Mostly, what I have been doing this week, apart from working, was putting magazines in envelopes, printing renewal notices, invoices etc, and carting box loads of magazines to the Post Office.

Now that they are nearly all mailed out, I thought I would take a break and write a blog post or two. I even took time to download last week's photos so that I could add some to my blog.

It's university holidays and my middle daughter, who went away to complete her last year of her bachelor's degree in another city, is in town. So I arranged to meet her for lunch one day at Memories Coffee and Quilt Store.

The owner of the store is Korean and makes beautiful quilts all by hand, many of which decorate the walls. She also sells fabric and all sorts of handcraft bits and pieces such as leather handles for bags. I tend not to buy fabric here. The colours of most of the fabrics on sale are rather muted, which is not what I usually go for. Interestingly, her quilts do often have brighter coloured fabrics in them, so I'm not sure why she doesn't sell any of these. There is a good range of indigo dyed Asian fabrics, though. The prices of the fabrics are quite reasonable, so I may return to buy some, since I'm thinking of trying out a more subtle colour scheme if I ever finish the current purple/fuschia/turquoise creation.

S was inspecting the detail of this quilt when I took the photo. She's carefully not looking at the camera.

This hexagon creation is stretched and framed and is not quilted at all. It takes up most of the wall of a side room which can be booked by groups who want a venue for "stitch and bitch" sessions.

A couple more quilts. I rather like the unstructured arrangement of the one on the right.


Kay said...

Beautiful quilts and a lovely idea to have a shop that sells quilts and coffee!

m said...

Yes I vote for that too ! the one on the right is that hand pieced or is it hand sewn? I'm was just thinking that with a machine it might be possible to make a similar one quite quickly.

Catherine said...

I think that all this lady's quilts are hand sewn, but you are right, it would be very quick by machine. Quilts like this one look easy, but I believe it is harder than it looks to get a pleasing arrangement of colours.