Monday, June 09, 2008

Here is One I Prepared Earlier...

Since I spent the weekend alternately coughing and sniffling, and sometimes both at once, the idea of heading for a bit of land sticking out into the Pacific Ocean, coated with a layer of snow dumped by winds straight from the Antarctic, wasn't very appealing. Not even to run around looking for orange and white flags (also known as "orienteering").

So I stayed home wrapped in snuggly quilts and watched TV.

Instead I thought I'd post these photos I took on a walk the previous Saturday, before the cold bug hit. This small enclosure has been decorated with prayer flags for quite some time. I'm not sure if the fence was put there just for the prayer flags, or if it serves some other purpose - maybe sheltering some rare native plant? Nothing inside the fence looks particularly unusual though, apart from the flags.

I'm trying to prove to myself that with a bit of imagination, I can visit any country I want without leaving home. So - do these look like Tibet? (If you have been there, don't disillusion me too much!)

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