Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Yes I Do Still Have Legs - Why Do You Ask?

I haven't been orienteering in ages. But all club members are supposed to serve as helpers a few times a year, and I was phoned earlier in the week and asked to help at today's event.

So I stood/sat near this bridge for an hour and a half, writing finish times on clip cards

It was fine when I took the photo, but not for long. Rain did it's best to put a dampener on things...
The garden looks harmless enough here, but this is the flat part. You can see the cliff wall of an old quarry in the background. The bridge is a memorial to the Korean War, I think.

After I'd been relieved of finish duties, I summoned up enough energy to go out on a course myself. Which is quite a different proposition from walking to work a couple of times a week. Safety hazards were described as "pits are deeper than they look, rabbit holes, slippery wet grass and rocks, the quarry edge, cars on the access road" and probably a few more I've forgotten. And yes, it was very slippery. Trying to follow tracks as much as possible didn't help all that much given they were mostly mud churned up by the feet of the dozens of orienteers who went before me.

I stopped at this spot, after fruitlessly searching up and down the hill for the control flag, and photographed the view while I gave my brain a rest.

This is the view across the plains, from the same spot as the previous photo, just aiming the camera higher.

Then I found the control I was looking for, and continued round the course. Further on, I had a choice between going round the top of the quarry and going round the bottom. I think round the bottom was probably a much shorter route. But I hate going down then up, much prefer up then down. And besides, visiting the quarry without walking round the top of it is just not done.

Fantastic views, but I didn't take photos as I thought I should aim to finish before the course closed. Maybe another day.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see photos that plan on getting on "another day".

I would love to take some really great photos of where I live but sometimes it's really hard for me to find beauty in this city.

Michele sent me to say hello.

gautami tripathy said...

Delhi to me looks ugly. One of the most unplanned cities in the world. Only redeeming feature seems to be the Metro Rail.

However, for all its faults, I can't live any where else!

I look forward to photos. And thought I too would visit yoy via Michele!

PI said...

In spite off the weather the photos are good.
BTW I am trying to help a research student in Queensland. If you know any Australians who don't have a blog please send them my way. Thank you.
Michele sends her best.

Mike said...

Some very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Michele sent me.


Beautiful and interesting. I know that I am not ready for such an activity....but maybe someday. :-)

Mike said...

This is the second time Michele has sent me your way tonight.

Bob-kat said...

That sounds quite hazardous! I really like that last photo, it has quite amoody atmosphere and I love the way the sun is breaking through the clouds.

Michele sent me over to say hi.