Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Photos

We have been having spectacularly glorious spring weather over the last week or so. I had quite a few errands to do over the weekend so I took my camera along and made a few opportunites to relax and take photos on my way to and fro.

On Saturday I stopped for a little while at the Arts Centre market:

This is "Lord Livingstone". My mother never told me not to take sweets from stone statues!

Another of the Arts Centre's regular buskers, with the tram, a local tourist attraction, in the background.

On Sunday afternoon I had a meeting to attend, near the estuary:

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chiefbiscuit said...

You may very well have been at the Arts Centre the same time ABM and I were there.
Lovely photos ...
Getting close to take off for you ...? You must be so excited ... I would be. Or maybe nervous.