Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Poem: The Ambassador's Blonde Daughter

The Ambassador's Blonde Daughter

The ambassador’s blonde daughter
has dark eyebrows which she dyes
with potions flown in from Europe –
one week chestnut, the next mahogany.

The ambassador’s daughter is studying gravity.
She speeds downhill on her bicycle
the chain snaps
parts fly
she swerves past potholes,
tumbles to a halt on the verge
at the foot of the hill
dusts herself off
blowing kisses at all the passing boys.
The young men fetch ice creams
and bicycle parts. She sits on the pavement,
licks up the drips while they perform repairs.

A blessing on the ambassador’s blonde daughter!
May all your ice creams be hokey pokey
your life be ruled by levity
may young men walk tightropes for you
gypsy violins serenade you
in all the countries of Europe
may you dance in the streets
garbed for the fiesta, your skirts frilled and flounced,
your eyebrows striped green red and blue.

(c) Catherine Fitchett

Tuesday Poem returns this week from a summer break. I thought I would start the year with one of my own poems, which was published in JAAM at the end of last year. The inspiration for this poem came from a school friend of mine who was, indeed, the "ambassador's blonde daughter" - though there is nothing in the poem which is strictly untrue, it somehow seems to have become heightened and glamourised along the way!

"Hokey pokey" is New Zealand's favourite ice cream flavour, it is vanilla ice cream with chunks of hokey pokey in it - a sort of honeycomb toffee. Delicious on a hot day.

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Mary McCallum said...

This is such fun! the title, the character and the language - love this...

the chain snaps
parts fly
she swerves past potholes,
tumbles to a halt on the verge

... and perhaps I especially love it because I know an ambassador's blonde daughter - very like this! Lovely start to the year Catherine.

lillyanne said...

I like the poem a lot - and I also like your new header for your blog page. (It might not be all that new, maybe I haven't visited your site for a while. But either way, it's great.)

Helen McKinlay said...

I went to school with an ambassadors daughter from Europe too. brings back memories. It's lovely so light and free...it skips along the page.
Thanks for posting :-)

paris parfait said...

Love the poem! I think we've all witnessed encounters with an "ambassador's daughter" somewhere along the way.