Friday, March 16, 2012

Cathedral Square Again

A few more photos from last weekend...

A small part of the crowd on the way into the square via the fenced-off walkway. In parts the crowd was much denser, leading me to wonder what would happen if there was a large aftershock while we were in there.

Detail of the cathedral. This end looked quite solid from the side we were allowed to view from - until I zoomed in and realised that you could see right through to the buildings on the other side of the tower.

On the way back I lifted my camera up above the fence and took this shot of a parking sign standing in the middle of rubble. I think it will be a while before anyone parks here, whether for five minutes or longer...

Also behind the fences, a bollard with posters from before the earthquake, gradually peeling away to reveal the layers underneath.

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Alexia said...

Very very sad. I am coming to Christchurch in the (school) holidays to see family members - my first visit since the quakes. I know it's going to be hard to see what little remains of my old school, my old university, and especially the Cathedral.