Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting to Use My Wind-Up torch

This evening just before six we had a large jolting aftershock and all the lights promptly went out. After the two main quakes I felt as if I was on an adrenalin high. This time it was more like "enough, already". I felt - well, tired.

But at least I knew where to find my dynamo powered hand cranked torch, which I had bought after the February 22nd quake, not expecting to ever have to use it.

And we do have a gas stove top, so I was able to continue with cooking dinner. But eating by candlelight really doesn't feel romantic any more.

Eventually the lights came back on, along with computers and everything else. There are reports of more damage such as burst water mains, a building that is now on a lean, and so on. Some cordons that had been removed have been replaced - the road I drove down yesterday is now closed again.


Twain12 said...

i can't even imagine having to live with this uncertainty...i hope mother earth give you all a rest for a while ♥

Chibi Janine said...

Man that sucks. I imagine it draining for you to have this uncertainty loaming all the time. :(

lillyanne said...

I just want to tell you that I have been reading all your post-quake posts and I feel such sympathy for you - for you all. Enough already is the least of it! But thanks so much for your generosity in sharing. I hope it helps - it certainly helps outsiders to understand how it is, day after day.

Joan said...

I cannot believe it goes on still. Your posts are so enlightening and help us to understand. What an experience. I've been down at the beach , Papamoa, and my friends were telling me their escape route in case of disaster. My sister In Whakatane told me their council have been pointing out areas that could be affected by liquifaction... everyone's a bit jumpy these days. And you.. you're living it! God bless!

Jennifer Compton said...

thanks for sharing - wishing you strength